Four-week Parenting Course

Over the course of four weeks you will learn how to: end back talk and begging, teach responsibility without losing their love, set limits without waging war, avoid power struggles, guide kids to solve their own problems, teach kids to contribute to the house, handle things like allowance, peer pressure and "keeping up", and raise kind, resilient and empathetic kids who share your values.

This curriculum can be implemented with kids from toddlerhood through the teenage years and is effective for kids with ADD/ADHD and ODD (in conjunction with supportive therapy.)

Each class runs approximately 1- 1.5 hours and meets once a week. You have the option to join a set group or form your own (minimum 8 people) and choose the dates and time that works best for you and your peers. 

Couples are encouraged to come but it is understood that child care can be hard to arrange on a weekly basis. 


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