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Are Kids these Days too Entitled?

Dec 15, 2021
Are Kids these Days too Entitled?


I've heard from countless pediatricians, educators, therapists, & spiritual leaders that the level of indulgence and entitlement today is like nothing they've ever seen. I see it too.


Parents are killing themselves to make sure their kids never hear the word "No". They have to have whatever everyone else has. The most expensive this, the most over the top that- and for what? Keeping up with the Joneses. Or one-upping them. Some parents are trying to fix their own childhood (or adult insecurities) by giving their kids all the things they wished they'd had and living vicariously through them but the focus is all wrong.

**The depression/anxiety rates for kids & teens are the highest they've ever been. **


Your kids don't NEED those sneakers or that specific sweatshirt. They don't NEED that extra party after the whole weekend blowout you just made. They don't NEED that destination vacation.
What kids DO need are TOOLS FOR LIFE. Communication skills, strong self-esteem, resilience, quality of character, independence, a growth mindset. They need YOU.
Does your child know how to navigate a difficult conversation with their friend who is suddenly ignoring them? Does your child know how to ask for help when he's stressed or overwhelmed?
Does your child know how to dust herself off and forge ahead with positivity after a major setback? Does your child know how to handle confrontation?
No to all the above? At least they have cute sneakers though. Phew!
Do YOU have these skills? Why aren't we doing more as parents to equip our kids to handle life? Let them be train wrecks as long as they look cute doing it!
The change starts with each and every one of YOU. If you would make the independent decision to block out the nonsense & the excess, and do what is truly right for the well being of your child others would have the courage to follow suit, and the mental health and well being of this generation's kids could change resulting in a better future for everyone.

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