Teen Psychologist

Individual Therapy

My approach is very no nonsense with the goal of making a difference in the quality of your life without

 being in therapy forever. Support and skill building (with a hint of figurative butt kicking) for individuals who feel overwhelmed with the challenges in their life. Self esteem struggles, phase of life difficulties, divorce, grieving, and or difficult family dynamics. Are you ready to put in the work? I'm ready to help you.

Child Psychologist

Kids & Teens

Interventions for kids and teens experiencing struggles with self esteem, impulse control, anxious feelings, peer socialization issues, difficulty at home or in school.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for kids and teens ages 5-18. Support for parents. My philosophy when working with kids and teens is that we are a team.

We are all committed to working together for the same goal. 


In therapy for younger clients, parent involvement and willingness to work together is essential for success and progress. 

Group Therapy

Infertility Support

Individual and group sessions. Counseling for women experiencing infertility, secondary infertility, male factor, post hysterectomy, multiple failed procedures.

Learning to accept your current diagnosis and advocate for yourself when necessary. Building coping skills, learning to manage anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, nosy family members and preserve the health of your marriage.



Using HIPAA compliant telecommunication technology to provide real time health care to individuals who can not make it into the office due to schedule restrictions, long commute or concerns regarding confidentiality. Available to current New York State Residents only.