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Diet Culture Exists & It's Harmful

Dec 16, 2021
Diet Culture Exists & It's Harmful



Whether you want to admit it or not, diet culture exists and it's harmful.


Denial helps us stay in toxic patterns. It keeps us away from changing and healing. It locks us into harmful cycles. It's hard when you realize that you've been misguided and duped for so long. It takes time to break out of what you've always known and learn new ways.


I know it was a struggle for me to come to terms with how I had treated, spoken about, and thought about people in bigger bodies.
It was difficult for me to admit I had been engaging in disordered exercise and eating habits for most of my later teen and adult life. It was unsettling to learn that I probably had some form of an undiagnosed eating disorder when I was younger.
Giving up restriction was scary. The thought of gaining weight was terrifying.
Even more horrifying was hearing 5 year old's nervously asking "Am I fat?"
Hearing teenage girls talking about how they can't eat carbs because they are trying to "get abs."
Listening to kids in camp tell me they skip canteen because their parents told them if they gain weight they'll lose privileges.
Witnessing parents telling their kids, "If you eat that you'll get fat, and fat people die young."
Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health disorders.
This affects both men & women.
Anxiety, depression, & suicidal behavior are associated with poor body image & dieting behavior.
I have young kids, I want better for them.

I want better for ME.

Diet culture is REAL.
Thin bodies are idealized as healthy, morally superior, more "together," successful, attractive, and "fit."
Foods are given the power to make or break someone's mental health.
 A number on a scale is strong enough to shift your entire mood and self-perception.
You can go from feeling great in your skin to hating yourself in a matter of seconds.
It doesn't have to be this way.
There are many resources available to learn about diet culture, body respect, intuitive eating, and health of every size (HAES). There is no excuse to stay stuck in this 💩 culture anymore.
Take back your life and your health.
Give the gift of self-respect and body peace to the next generation.
It starts with you.

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