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Holiday "Cleanse"

Dec 16, 2021



The fact that we need a "survival guide" for Thanksgiving dinner shows how much diet culture has stolen from us.


It's coming. All the guilt and shame about eating food over the holidays and pushing you to join their disordered eating plan.


Heads up guys, you can't "detox" or "cleanse" your body with juices, teas shakes or anything else. Your kidneys and liver do this naturally (assuming you have a functioning liver and kidneys) and they do a really great job. The body is really an amazing thing.
A "cleanse" is just another word for an expensive restriction regimen where you will drink pricey (and usually gross) beverages in replace of food in an attempt to feel "better" (aka thinner) after the holidays or any time you aren't feeling good in your skin.
In reality, you'll just be left feeling hungrier, moodier, with less money in your bank account and lots of damage to your relationship with food, the holidays, and your body.
You don't EVER need to undo eating behavior and certainly not by starving (because let's be real, that's what it is). Even if you feel like you ate more than usual, you can just resume your normal eating behaviors and your body will be just fine. Simple as that.
So please, the only cleanse I want you to participate in after the holidays (and on a consistent basis) is the one where you eliminate toxic diet culture messages from your social media feeds and your life.
Take care of yourselves.

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