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Not all Therapy is Good Therapy

Dec 17, 2021
Not all Therapy is Good Therapy


There is a misconception out there that when you go to therapy your therapist will tell you what to do to make all your problems go away.


This can be problematic for lots of reasons but mainly because when someone comes to therapy expecting to be given answers and solutions they are going to be really disappointed really fast. They might even feel resentful and decide that "therapy doesn't work."
A good therapist won't tell you what to do. In fact, they shouldn't be telling you what to do. A skilled therapist will encourage you to figure that out for yourself.
Good therapy will help you realize that you already have all the answers within you and, with the right therapeutic support, you will be able to uncover them.
Contrary to popular belief, therapists don't give advice (thanks, Hollywood 🙄). Advice tends to stem from someone else's personal experiences. While it's nice to hear from friends and family what worked for them when they faced obstacles, it doesn't mean the same things will work for you.
Let advice serve as food for thought rather than a roadmap. A good therapist will help you discover/design and navigate your own route.
A good therapist wants you to become your own therapist. They want you to be able to hear your own voice and learn to TRUST it.
A good therapist's goal is not to chain you to them for life, it is to set you FREE.
Let's work harder to understand and internalize the value and process of therapy, it will go a long way in fighting the stigma surrounding it and mental health.

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