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You Don't Treat Mental Illness With Positive Thinking

Dec 16, 2021

This isn't just ignorance, it's HARMFUL.

Mental illness isn't something that happens because you don't try hard enough to be happy or because you let people get to you too much or because you don't pray hard enough.
Mental illness is just ILLNESS and just like you wouldn't tell someone with cancer to just think positive so their cancer goes away (that's #toxicpositivity and also just not smart) you don't smile, pray, special diet, or dance away depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar, addiction, OCD, etc.


Unfollow any accounts that perpetuate harmful stigma (due to ignorance or their own issues) and make sure you educate yourself so that you can speak up and show up better for those in need.

Change starts with YOU.

Share this and help #breakthestigma.

See the LIVE I did with @project_proactive on mental health and mental illness here:

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